Take the pain out of document reviews. Get teams working efficiently and effectively on a single version of the document.

With Workshare Compare 8, collaboration projects run more smoothly, and need fewer review cycles, so you can get more done in less time.

Workshare’s world-leading data comparison technology lets you compare text-based PDF or Word documents against multiple modified versions or revisions at any level — paragraph, line, word, or character — quickly and accurately. All changes are highlighted, even in embedded tables, lists, contents pages, and field codes. And you can prompt reviewers to prioritize particular types of changes, such as numbering, punctuation, spelling, or style.

What's more, Workshare Compare 8 works from within the productivity apps you use every day, so your workflow is one thing that doesn't have to change.


Workshare Compare 8 allows you to streamline your review process and makes it easier to identify document changes - the industry's leading comparison technology right from within your own applications.

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Find out how Workshare Compare 8 integrates with your applications.

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