Compare Server

Dramatically reduce review cycles and complete document collaboration projects faster.

Workshare Compare Server features the world's leading comparison technology to make it easier to see changes and compare versions to help content owners accurately track and compare edits from other contributors and reviewers – making collaboration much more efficient.

Users can easily compare PDF or Word documents against multiple modified versions or revisions within context of one another and quickly view changes by selected categories, such as numbering changes, punctuation changes, spelling corrections, and style.

Compare Server can be hosted within your organization’s network as an intranet application and reduce applications on the desktop or even integrated into your existing enterprise applications and workflows to improve productivity or offer an externally hosted service for your clients, partners, and the mobile workforce.


Workshare Compare Server provides you with fast, accurate document and PDF comparison that integrates into your existing applications and is delivered from a centralized server for easy access throughout your organization.

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